Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Set Your Business On The Progressive Path With Our Exclusive Email Marketing Services.!

Email Marketing is the art and science of marketing your business, products or services through an email, which is send your potential customers in the broadcasting form. Every email sent to your potential customers is known as the Email Marketing in the technical terms, fo sure.

Earlier, Email Marketing was not considered a powerful medium to market your business and the reason for that is, everyone in the industry believed that very few people read email in today’s time. But, in contrast to that, Email Marketing has stormed its way back into the marketing field.

We at MihMobile understand the needs of today’s highly competitive market and therefore, we have started to provide the services of Email Marketing to all our customers. For that purpose, we have a team of highly experienced and skillful mareletes who can handle any complex task.

Why You Should Choose Email Marketing?

  • Email Marketing has a larger reach compared to any other form Digital Marketing.
  • Email Marketing always deliver your message to the target audience, without failing.
  • Email Marketing campaign helps you to drive conversions for your business or product.
  • Email Marketing campaign a maximum Return On Investment (ROI) among all medium.
  • Email is the most prefered communication channel of all the people across the globe.
  • Email Marketing gives you an open platform to market your products or the services.
  • Email Marketing is going to be around forever in the digital world, which is fantastic.!
  • Email Marketing campaign can be customized easily according to needs of the business.
  • Email Marketing allows to to build a good reputation in the market among the customers.

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Services We Offer In Email Marketing


Email Marketing Campaign


Email Marketing Template Design


Email Marketing Report Generation


Email Marketing Analysis and Tracking


Designing Email Marketing Strategy


Lead Generation With Email Marketing


Maximizing The ROI With Email Marketing


Email Content Creation


Audience Research

Provide Your Customers A Sense Of Personalization By Conducting An Email Marketing Campaign.!

Email Marketing

Check out the benefits & the reasons to opt us for Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

  • An Email Marketing Campaign allows you to target specific audience, which is great.!
  • An Email Marketing Campaign helps the business owners to build their brand on web.
  • Email Marketing is easily shareable with anyone, which means you can get more reach.
  • Email Marketing Campaign saves a lot of money compared to the other format of ads.
  • Email Marketing allows you to create various segment, which increases lead generation.
  • Email Marketing allows you a ad a great Call-To-Action button, which obviously helps.
  • An Email Marketing Campaign is very easy to create for any marketer across the globe.
  • Email Marketing is a global thing & therefore, it allows you to widen customer base.
  • Email Marketing can give you the kind of results that you look for as a business owner.

Why Opt For Us?

  • We have the best team as far as conducting the Email Marketing Campaign goes.
  • We provide you the most qualitative solutions that you will have ever seen before.
  • We have 7+ years of experience in handling various Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • We are always approachable to any of our clients or the customers, for that matter.
  • We have 24*7 technical support team which will help you in any kind of problem.
  • We provide you the best Email template design which is most likely to attract people.
  • We never compromise on the quality of our solutions & for that, we strive for perfection.
  • We never charge any hidden amount of money to our customers, once the deal is done.
  • We also offer the maintenance services to all our customers across the globe, for sure.


As you know, each company follows a standard workflow for being successful over a long period of time. We at MIH Software and Technology follow a standard work process, which is simple but at the same time very effective.

Research and Planning

First step in any software development process is analysis. That’s what we have defined as Research & Planning. Research meaning, you search about the project in-depth and perform the requirement analysis. After this, you plan about whole project and assign time to each task.

Design & Development

After analysis phase, the next step is designing. For this,We create a wonderful design for your project which will form a base for your development process. Design is the first point of the interaction for the user, so we give prime importance to it. Once we’re done with design, the next step is development, where we write the code for the project.

Testing & Deployment

Last but not least is Testing & Deployment. Once we’re done with the coding part, it’s now time to test your application. Testing is a very critical phase of the software development process, as it will tell you whether your project is ready to go live or not. Once you’re OK with the testing phase, it’s then time for the deployment phase, which means your project will go live.



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