Laravel Development

Laravel Development

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Laravel is one of the most efficient PHP development frameworks to haveneterd the IT industry in the recent times. It was developed by Taylor Otwell in June 2011 and from there on, it has gone from strength to strength as far as usage as well as the popularity among developers goes.

Actually, Laravel is free and open-source web frameworks which was developed with an intent of simplifying the web app development process and increase the pace of it. In March 2015, Laravel was recognized as one of the most popular frameworks, which is awesome.!

We at MihMobile understand the need of the art and therefore, we have started to provide Laravel development services for all our clients. For that purpose, we have a highly skilled and talented team of developers who will assist you in making a wonderful web application.

Why You Should Choose Laravel?

  • Laravel framework is very easy to learn, understand and implement for any developer.
  • Laravel is free and open-source web framework, which means it is easy to customize.
  • Laravel is one of the most widely used frameworks across the globe in the IT world.
  • Laravel is based on the MVC architecture, which allows you to maintain transparency.
  • As far as the security is concerned, Laravel is way ahead of any of its competitors.
  • Laravel has a great community support, so a newbie can also find it easy to work with.
  • Laravel is built on top of Symfony, which is another very good PHP framework.
  • Laravel supports database migration, which allows you to re-create database very easily.
  • As far as testing the web app is concerned, Laravel has in-built facility for Unit Testing.

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Services We Offer In Laravel Development

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Laravel Web Application Development


Laravel CMS Development


Laravel PHP Framework Integration


Custom Laravel Development


Laravel Module Development


Laravel Maintenance & Support


Laravel Template Design


Laravel Migration Solution


Laravel Package Development

Develop A Data-Driven Web Application With Laravel For Your Organization .!

Laravel Development

Check out the benefits & the reasons to opt us for Laravel Development

Benefits Of Laravel

  • Laravel framework provides you with in-built authentication & authorization services.
  • Laravel framework provides the developers with clean and clear documentation guide.
  • Laravel framework offers the facility of fast caching, which increase website speed.
  • Laravel framework supports object-oriented concepts, which enables you to reuse code.
  • With Laravel framework, you can create small as well the large web applications.
  • Laravel provides you with the facility of artisan that auto-generate code for models.
  • Laravel framework uses blade, which is lightweight and powerful template engine.
  • Laravel framework comes with configuration for error and exception handling services.
  • Laravel frameworks has URL routing configuration, which improves the user-experience.
  • Laravel framework has a message queue system, which increases the speed of the app.
  • Laravel framework is built keeping in mind the future changes, which is awesome.!

Why Opt For Us?

  • We have the best team in the business for the Laravel web development services.
  • We believe in out of the box thinking & therefore, we will offer you innovative solution.
  • We respect the trust shown by our customers, so we always deliver the projects on-time.
  • We are an organization who focuses on results-driven website application generation.
  • Our team consists of creative minds & therefore, you will get the best solution, for sure.
  • We always give priority to customer satisfaction and customer success, without a doubt.
  • Over the last 8 years, we have handled 100+ clients across 10+ countries successfully.
  • We always offer affordable packages to our clients according to their various needs.
  • We provide well organized, reusable and easy to maintain development code.
  • Unlike the other IT companies, we follow the W3C guidelines for software development.


As you know, each company follows a standard workflow for being successful over a long period of time. We at MIH Software and Technology follow a standard work process, which is simple but at the same time very effective.

Research and Planning

First step in any software development process is analysis. That’s what we have defined as Research & Planning. Research meaning, you search about the project in-depth and perform the requirement analysis. After this, you plan about whole project and assign time to each task.

Design & Development

After analysis phase, the next step is designing. For this,We create a wonderful design for your project which will form a base for your development process. Design is the first point of the interaction for the user, so we give prime importance to it. Once we’re done with design, the next step is development, where we write the code for the project.

Testing & Deployment

Last but not least is Testing & Deployment. Once we’re done with the coding part, it’s now time to test your application. Testing is a very critical phase of the software development process, as it will tell you whether your project is ready to go live or not. Once you’re OK with the testing phase, it’s then time for the deployment phase, which means your project will go live.



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